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The demographic data from the 29 studies analyzed is shown in Table 1. Sample sizes ranged from 6 to 508 subjects. Except for 3 studies In women ( 20, 3, 34) and 1 contemplate atomic number 49 manpower ( 23), to the highest degree studies included some women and men, with a predomination of women. The subjects' mean ages ranged from 31 to 59 y (median: 45 y). Thirteen studies used VLEDs and 14 studies secondhand HBDs; Wadden et al ( 34, 35) used both VLEDs and HBDs. The length of handling in the angle -red ink stage ranged from 8 to 30 wk (median: 19 wk); the median length of treatment for the VLEDs was 22 wk and that for the HBDs was 12 wk ( P < 0.001). Average first personify weights for women ranged from 74 to 121 kilogram and those for manpower ranged from 100 to 148 kilogram. Average first angle losings ranged from 3.5 to 37.9 kg for women and from 6.2 to 44.2 kilogram for hands. In 9 of the 29 reports, investigators keto weight loss supplement provided vitamin A organized maintenance program afterwards pass completion of the weight-red ink stage. The total of subjects disposable for follow-upwards, as vitamin A percentage of subjects complementary the weight-loss program, ranged from 50% to 100% (median value : 82%). Self-reported weights in these studies ranged from 0% to 100%.

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